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Articles Pertaining to Unit Publications:


Excerpt from Philatelic Freemason Volume 01 Number 1 August September 1977:

Here we have the first issue of the PHILATELIC ,FREEMASON; how do you like it?

This is YOUR journal, and we want to please YOU, so tell us just what you want - checklists, biographies (as in this issue) or just what?

In this issue we have given you biographies of Freemasons who have made their appearance on stamps of the past three years - not necessarily their initial appearance, but on new issues in some instances.

You rill note that articles in this issue are from four different persons, but please don't allow this to continue . We want each of you to do some Masonic research, then put the result of your efforts into words . You can!!!

We have a surprise for you in our next issue, and want you to surprise US! Write the editor today, giving him one or more articles on some Mason whom you have studied. Also tell us what you want to make of the PHILATELIC FREEMASON. It's up to you!

Sincerely ,
'olal ter J. Kirby
2106 No. Van Buren st.,
Little Rock, Ark. 72207

Masonic Stamp Unit Reorganized:

Excerpt from Volume 1 Number 01. September - October 1967

It is exactly two years since the Masonic stamp Unit was disbanded and the Newsletter discontinued. Brother Clarono. Baltmann who run the Unit and published the Newsletter for several years was forced to give it up due to business pressures.

The Masonic Stamp Unit of the American Topical Association is again organized and will resume the publication of the Masonic Newsletter under a new Editor and a new format. The new Editor is Brother Nicholas G. Koutroulis of New Orleans, LA. who was & member of the Masonic stamp Unit and an ardent stamp collector of Masonic Philately, Masonic Postal History and research. Brother Baltmann did an excellent job in editing and publishing 6the masonic newsletter. The membership at that time was about 350. We will continue to publish an interesting and informative publication on Masonic Philately and related with the hope that our members will get more Light through knowledge of stamps and enable them to expand and improve their Masonic collection. We will need the support of all members.

All members are requested to submit articles and information pertaining to Masonry on stamps for publication in the bulletin. Remember, the editor is there to edit and publish the newsletter. The more of a member participation the interesting the newsletter will be. Let's all help out by sending in material for publication now. Your ed1tor will always be glad to answer any inquiries pertaining to Masonry on stamps and the Masonic Stamp Unit. A self-addressed stamped envelope will be appreciated for reply.

your editor will try not to publish material already appeared in the newsletter previously or other Masonic stamp journals. However, this will be almost impossible to avoid due to conflict of various Masonic philatelic publications. Nevertheless, your editor will try his best.

The Newsletter will be called the Masonic Stamp Collector. Hope you like our masthead. In order to keep the dues as low as possible, it will be necessary to publish the newsletter bi-monthly starting wither the September-October (1967) issue. The publication will be done by Off-set Printing and not mimeographed. Please bear in mind we must have material from members to publish in the news letter.

Each one of you is urged and kindly requested to recruit new members for the Unit. The bigger the membership and better and larger the newsletter will be.